Amcut 135S

Amcut 135S

AMCUT 135S is a heavy duty straight oil for the cutting and grinding of ferrous metals. Premium quality base oil with superior anti-oxidation resistance allows high metal removal rates. Formulated for machining steel alloys and Stainless Steel AMCUT 135S contains a highly effective set of additives designed to provide excellent tool and wheel life. The exceptionally high flashpoint minimizes risk of fire. AMCUT 135S can be used as a machine lubricant in many applications.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Ultra Low VOC
  • Low Chip Drag Out Rate
  • Excellent Tool & Wheel Life
  • Superior Oxidation Resistance
  • SCAQMD Super Compliant
  • No SCAQMD Record Keeping Required
  • Dual Purpose use as Machine Lubricant

Typical Physical Characteristics

Appearance: Medium – Dark Amber
Specific Gravity: .87 -.88
Density: 7.4 lbs
Viscosity @40⁰c: 28.5 C
Viscosity @100⁰F: 135 SUS
Viscosity Index: 95
Flashpoint: 392⁰F COC ASTM D92
VOC Content: 25 grams/per liter ASTM 1868-10
Copper Strip Corrosion: 1B
Chlorine: No
Sulphur: Yes

Additional Information