Protectsol 512

Protectsol 512

Protectsol 512 is liquid solvent-based water-displacing corrosion/rust preventive for use on non-ferrous/ferrous metal surfaces. Protectsol 512 provides indefinite long term indoor storage protection against corrosion & rust with an ease of application. Protectsol 512 dries quickly to form a thin, nonstaining transparent and highly protective film. Protectsol 512 will quickly separate alkaline water from metal surfaces.

Product Features & Benefits

  1. Provides corrosion & rust protection when stored indoors for an indefinite period of time. Companies may expect years of protection under proper storage conditions.
  2. Meets and exceeds Mil-C-16173 Grade 3 Federal Specification for water displacing corrosion preventive compound: nonvolatile base in petroleum solvents. Dip, spray or brush method. Extended undercover protection.
  3. Meets and exceeds Mil-C-22235 Federal Specification for corrosion preventive oil, non-staining properties. Dip, Spray, or brush method.
  4. Ultra thin and transparent film: Will not interfere with inspection or the reading of identifying marks. Thickness approximately 0.07 mils.
  5. Approximate 2000 to 3000 sq. ft/gallon coverage.
  6. Relative humidity testing no effect after 60 days.
  7. May be applied directly to parts after rinsing, to parts wet with soluble oil emulsion or to accidentally wet with water.
  8. Protectsol 512’s “polar attraction” to metal surfaces makes possible an even film that does not crack with expansion and contraction of the metal. The film is self-healing if abraded. Does not allow attack of metal from alkali and/or acid components in the atmosphere.
  9. Protectsol 512 protects metal parts from finger printing and thus, corrosion. Therefore, air-tight wrapping is eliminated for packaged parts and/or assemblies.
  10. Protectsol 512 can be used safely on non-ferrous and ferrous metals.
  11. Application can be dip, spray or brushing.
  12. Drag-out” from cleaner/degreaser dip tanks and rinse tanks into a dip tank of Protectsol 512 will not interfere with the proper coating of same. Accumulated drag-in of water should be drained periodically from the bottom of the tank. Water never mixes with the Protectsol and always drops to thebottom of the tank. Parts that are dipped and withdrawn from the Protectsol tank are always in 100% Protectsol.
  13. When it becomes necessary to remove the Protectsol 512 from the metal surface it is accomplished by using American Research Products Americlene 8 or Americlene 20. Both provide 100% removal of the Protectsol 512.

Physical Properties

Liquid brown color
Petroleum safety solvent with a 150 degrees minimum flash point
D.O.T. “Combustible Liquid”
The dried film of Protectsol 512 is not a fire hazard nor is it combustible!!
Density 6.6 lbs/gal

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