TubeForm 507D

TubeForm 507D

TubeForm 507 is a synthetic fluid specifically designed for manufacturers of structural and multi metal light gauge tube products. TubeForm 507 was formulated to provide outstanding rust and corrosion protection and exceptional bio-resistance for long sump life in large volume central systems. Mill scale, metal fines and tramp oil are easily removed by all methods including high speed centrifuge and cyclonic separators.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Excellent in-process rust & corrosion protection.
  • High filterability to remove contaminants.
  • High heat transfer ability for cooling.
  • Rejects Tramp Oils.
  • Safe on all metals.

Recommended Concentration

Minimum of 5% solution or 20:1 mix ratio.
Conditioned water such as De-ionized or R.O is suggested for use.
Use handheld Refractometer for daily concentration control.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear Fluid
Specific Gravity: 1.05-1.07
pH of Concentrate: 10.5
pH @ 5%: 8.9-9.3

Additional Information