Product Categories Coolants

Turnall S3

Turnall S3 is a high performance bio-based synthetic coolant developed for heavy duty machining of aluminum and other aerospace alloys. Turnall S3 contains a combination of lubricants and surfactant chemistry that provides superior lubrication and excellent cooling properties.

TubeForm 507D

Tubeform 507 is a synthetic fluid specifically designed for manufacturers of structural and multi metal light gauge tube products. Tubeform 507 was formulated to provide outstanding rust and corrosion protection and exceptional bio-resistance for long sump life in large volume central systems. Mill scale, metal fines and tramp oil are easily removed by all methods including high speed centrifuge and cyclonic separators.


SYN TEC 9289C is a semi-synthetic fluid designed for use on ferrous and non-ferrous applications. Excellent corrosion protection including galvanic and bi-metallic on parts and machinery for extended periods provide long sump life. Superior cooling in grinding applications prevent wheel loading and grind burn. SYN-TEC 9289C has been proven to be very biostable which help eliminate odors.


SYN-TEC 9288C is a non-chlorinated high performing micro emulsion cutting and grinding fluid formulated for the most difficult ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. It provides increased boundary lubrication, ensuring excellent part finishes and excellent wetting properties, reducing coolant drag-out.